You have an idea? I visualize it for you! You don`t have an idea? I supply the idea and the visual conversion to you!

My spectrum reaches from the development of salient logos or concise creative posters over book illustration, media illustration, cartoons, caricatures and portraits up to the organization of whole Corporate Designs.

I operate in all techniques and sizes depending upon Sujet and customer‘s request. Whether on canvas or computer illustration, whether artful dekoration painting or photoshopcollages, whether with Adobe Illustrator or woodcut, whether water color or oil...

From business paper designs (visiting card, writing paper and cover) over various folder and brochures up to the suitable design for your homepage.

I photograph digitally and similar to most various Sujets: From the simple portraitphoto over different art photograph up to complicate photoshop collages. From architecture and firm photography over product photos up to the digitization div. works of art for art prints and fineartprints. And from the object photo over still lives up to the surreale photography.

My strength is surely situated in the illustrative solution and creative conversion of most diverse needs and applications! My performances go from the idea over conception up to the execution and editing ready to be printed. Depending upon requirement.

Also I offer painting and graphic art courses of most diverse techniques for beginner and progressing. For the single and for groups.

As painter and artist I have specialized myselfe in "Typoart", which I transfer in one of my developed technique. I constantly develop this technique. (Look under the menu option typoart)

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