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Precise iconographics with high recall value in all executions for advertising and graphics. From the Logo to the entire Corporate Design, from Packaging to Print: letter heads, visiting cards, writing paper, envelopes, folders, brochures. Whatever you need, you will always receive a high-quality design proposal..



Rainer M. Osinger Werbegrafik


© Rainer M. Osinger „rmo” graphic design & illustration • Taggenbrunn 32 • A 9300 - St. Veit
Tel/ Fax.: 04212/ 30083 • Mobile.: 0664/4346371
e-mail: art@osinger-grafik.at

ADVERTISING AGENCY: graphic advertising, konception, computeranimation, illustration, photography, media illustration;
ART-STUDIO: graphik art, caricaturs, art photography, art illustration,
experiment graphic, portrait, sculptures